Hey there, diary. It's me, Squigly - the undead girl with an unconventional existence. Today, I feel compelled to share my thoughts and reflections on being a sentient corpse in a world that often misunderstands and fears what it cannot comprehend.

Embracing My Unconventional Existence

Undeath is not something most people would consider desirable or glamorous. After all, who willingly chooses to walk among the living as a decaying shell of their former self? But for me, undeath has become both a curse and a gift. Let me take you on this journey through my unusual life as I explore what it truly means to embrace my unconventional existence.

The Legacy of Contiello

As the last surviving member of the famous opera-singing Contiello family line, I am burdened with carrying forward their legacy even in death. The weight of expectations looms over me like an invisible specter; reminding me constantly of what once was and what could have been.

A Gentlemanly Parasite Named Leviathan

One might think that having an undead parasite fused to your body would be horrifying or grotesque. However, dear diary, let me assure you that Leviathan is far from repulsive. In fact, he embodies gentlemanly qualities one can only dream about encountering in the land of the living.

Leviathan's presence within me grants sentience - allowing us to communicate telepathically while sharing our hopes and dreams for a better future free from oppression caused by Skullgirl's power.

Understanding Through Tragedy

Having lost both parents tragically – one at the hands (or should I say tentacles) of another Skullgirl – has given rise to an acute understanding within myself regarding our current predicament.

I bear witness daily to how absolute power corrupts absolutely; turning innocent souls into vessels consumed by darkness itself.

But unlike those who merely observe or turn a blind eye to the suffering, I have chosen to take action. My understanding fuels my determination and propels me forward in my quest to dismantle the oppressive regime of the Skullgirl.

Graceful Yet Indomitable

Gracefulness is often associated with delicate beauty that dances on air like an ethereal wisp. But don't be fooled by appearances, diary! Underneath this serene exterior lies a spirit that refuses to be broken.

I possess resilience forged through adversity and strength honed from overcoming countless obstacles along this treacherous path.

With each step I take towards liberation, I am reminded of how even in death we can find courage unimaginable; soaring high above limitations imposed upon us by society's expectations.


In closing, dear diary, let me leave you with these final thoughts: undeath may seem like an unconventional existence at first glance - one teetering on the edge between life and decay. However, it is within this liminal space where true growth occurs; where our spirits shine brightest amidst darkness's encroaching tendrils.

Embracing my unconventional existence has allowed me to tap into reservoirs of strength previously untapped – forging bonds not only with Leviathan but also with kindred souls seeking freedom from oppression.

So here's to all those out there who feel trapped within their own constraints – whether they be physical or societal – remember that embracing what makes us unique can lead us down paths unimagined before...even if those paths happen while carrying around quite a huge ass!

Until next time, Squigly