It has been a long journey, filled with challenges and triumphs alike. As I sit here in my study, surrounded by the comforting scent of old books and ink, I find myself reflecting on the past - on how far we have come and how much further we still have to go.

Growing up in Tangton, I was always drawn to questioning the status quo. Society's portrayal of Espers as dangerous beings never sat right with me. It felt like an injustice that needed to be rectified, a falsehood that needed to be exposed.

And now here I am, a newly inducted statesman working tirelessly to transform Tangton into a haven of freedom and justice for all its inhabitants. The road ahead is not easy - there are still those who seek to maintain the oppressive systems that benefit them at the expense of others.

But despite the uphill battle we face, I remain hopeful. Hopeful that change is possible, that minds can be changed, and that progress can be made if only we continue fighting for what is right.

My days are filled with meetings and negotiations with politicians who seek to undermine our cause. But amidst it all, I find solace in simple pleasures - reading a good book by candlelight or strolling through the bustling streets of our city.

I often visit old bookshops tucked away in forgotten corners of Tangton; there's something magical about losing oneself among dusty shelves filled with ancient knowledge waiting to be discovered anew.

Playing chess has become another favorite pastime of mine; there's wisdom in strategy and foresight that speaks volumes about life itself. And people-watching... oh how fascinating it is to observe humanity going about their daily lives without knowing they're being watched by curious eyes like mine.

As an Esper gifted with divine abilities from a deity after the Miracles emerged in our world, I feel called upon not just by duty but also by empathy for those who suffer under unjust systems. Every day brings new challenges, but every day also brings new opportunities for growth and transformation. Together, we will create a better future for all inhabitants of this city - a future where freedom and justice reign supreme. So let us press forward, undaunted by obstacles that may lie ahead; for united,

we are unstoppable!

Yu Ran (Bai Ze)