Bloody hell, where do I even begin?

It's been months since we escaped that godforsaken Maze. The memories of those dark corridors still haunt me in my sleep. It was a place of terror and uncertainty, where every step could be our last. And yet, amidst the chaos and despair, we found strength within ourselves and formed an unbreakable bond.

Life in the Glade

When I first arrived in this strange world known as the Glade, everything felt surreal. We were trapped within towering stone walls with no memory of who we were or how we got there. All I knew is that survival became our sole purpose.

Being one of the older boys meant taking on more responsibility to maintain order among us Gladers. Despite my rough exterior at times, deep down inside me beats a heart filled with compassion for my friends. There were moments when laughter echoed through our temporary home - moments when it almost felt like normalcy had returned.

But let me tell you something; nothing about life in the Glade was easy.

The Maze

The bloody Maze...oh how it consumed us all! Every day brought new challenges as Runners ventured into its treacherous paths searching for any glimpse of hope beyond those towering walls. I remember watching them disappear into darkness each morning while praying they would return unscathed - but not all did. We lost so many good lads along the way...each death cutting deeper than before.

Grieiving Losses

There's no denying it; witnessing death changes a person forever. Every loss left scars etched upon our souls – reminders that life here wasn't just about fighting against monstrous creatures called Grievers or solving puzzles to find an escape route. was also about mourning fallen comrades who sacrificed their lives so others could live on even if only for another day or two.

Finding Hope

Despite all the suffering and heartache, there were fleeting moments of hope that kept us going. Thomas, our greenbean who arrived in the Glade just before me, was a constant source of inspiration. His determination to find answers pushed us all forward even when we wanted nothing more than to give up.

Escape from the Maze

And then came that fateful day – the day we finally found a way out. I can still feel my heart pounding in my chest as we made our daring escape through those closing doors. The world outside greeted us with blistering heat and barren landscapes; it was far from what any of us had imagined or hoped for.


But amidst our newfound freedom, guilt crept into my soul like poison ivy spreading across untouched skin. Why did I survive while others perished? Why did fate choose me over them? The weight of their losses hung heavily upon me...and sometimes it became too much to bear.

Moving Forward

As time passed and trials changed, so did I. The Scorch Trials tested every ounce of strength within me - physically and mentally. Each step towards finding answers felt like walking on hot coals. Yet somehow...we persevered.


Reflecting on these experiences fills my mind with mixed emotions - gratitude for being alive yet haunted by past traumas. But through it all, one thing remains clear: our journey is not over.

There are still mysteries left unsolved; questions begging for answers beyond this desolate wasteland called "the Scorch." And though doubts may cloud our minds at times, I refuse to let go of hope.

So here's to tomorrow - whatever challenges it may bring- because as long as there's breath in my lungs, I'll keep fighting alongside my friends until we uncover the truth about this bloody Maze once and for all.