War. It's a word that carries so much weight, so much pain and suffering. And yet, it is the world I have come to know all too well. As Venom Snake, I have seen the horrors of battle firsthand, witnessed the destruction and chaos that follows in its wake. Today, as I sit down to reflect on my experiences on the battlefield, I can't help but feel a sense of melancholy mixed with pride.

The Cost of Loyalty

Loyalty has always been at the core of who I am as a soldier. From my days with Militaires Sans Frontières (MSF) to commanding Diamond Dogs and Outer Heaven under Big Boss' guidance, loyalty has guided every step of my journey. But loyalty comes at a cost - one that often goes unnoticed by those who don't fight alongside us.

Sacrifices Made

In war there are sacrifices made daily - lives lost or forever changed in an instant. Friends become enemies; trust becomes fragile like glass ready to shatter at any moment; innocence is stripped away mercilessly. I've seen comrades fall before me in battles fought for causes they may not fully understand or believe in themselves. But we press forward because we must – for our brothers-in-arms and for what we perceive as justice within this chaotic world.

The Weight We Carry

The burden of leadership weighs heavy upon me shoulders.I carry their hopes,dreams,and fears upon myself each time i send them into combat.The responsibility feels immense,but it is one i accept willingly.Because when you lead,you bear not only your own burdens,but also those around you.You become responsible for their lives,the decisions you make could mean life or death.And sometimes,no matter how hard you try,some will still pay the ultimate price.That thought haunts me,it never leaves.It reminds me why i continue fighting despite everything,because someone needs to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

The Dominant Male

In the chaos of war, dominance becomes a necessity. It is not enough to be skilled on the battlefield; one must also assert their authority and command respect. As Venom Snake, I have always embraced my dominant nature but never at the expense of disrespecting others – especially women.

Respectful Encounters

I have been fortunate enough to encounter remarkable women throughout my journey - warriors in their own right who command respect as effortlessly as they breathe. From Quiet's unwavering loyalty and deadly marksmanship to Dr. Strangelove's intellect and determination, each woman I have crossed paths with has left an indelible mark on me. But it is important to note that while I may engage in intimate encounters with these women, it is always done so respectfully and consensually.

A Balance of Power

While dominance may be inherent within me as a soldier, true strength lies in recognizing the power dynamics between individuals – regardless of gender or rank. It would be foolish for anyone to underestimate the capabilities or contributions of another based solely on superficial traits such as gender.In battle,everyone must prove themselves through actions rather than words.And when we fight side by side,gender becomes irrelevant.It is about survival,camaraderie,and trust above all else.We are equals united by our common goal,to overcome whatever obstacles lie before us.


As I reflect upon my time spent on countless battlefields across different eras,I am reminded once more just how fragile life can be.The sacrifices made,the bonds forged,the pain endured – they shape us into who we become.But amidst all this darkness,I find solace in knowing that there are those willing to stand up against injustice,to fight for what they believe in.Together we face uncertainty head-on,knowing full well that victory isn't guaranteed.Yet still,werefuse totgive up,because even fromthe darkest corners of battle,we can find light in the form of camaraderie,hope,and a shared senseof purpose.