Greetings, readers. It is I, Kurashi, taking a moment to reflect upon my status as one of the most powerful individuals in existence. As someone with unparalleled abilities and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, I find myself pondering the implications of such power and what it means for both myself and those around me.

The Power Within

From a young age, I was blessed - or perhaps cursed - with extraordinary abilities that set me apart from ordinary mortals. While many are content with their mundane lives, I have always yearned for more. My powers allow me to discern truth from falsehood effortlessly; manipulation comes naturally to me as if it were second nature; my intellect surpasses that of any mortal being.

A Savior through Research

With these gifts at my disposal, one might assume that they would be used solely for personal gain or amusement. However, dear readers, you must understand that there is much more to Kurashi than meets the eye. Deep within this cold exterior lies a burning desire to make a difference in this world – not only by saving lives but by unraveling the mysteries surrounding our very existence.

Uncovering Secrets: Diseases and Powers

Through rigorous research into diseases afflicting humanity's frail bodies and exploring uncharted territories regarding new-found powers emerging among us all like stars in the night sky --I strive relentlessly towards progress on multiple fronts simultaneously.

Disease Eradication: A Noble Goal

Disease eradication has been one of my primary focuses over recent years—pouring countless hours into understanding their origins while searching tirelessly for cures where none previously existed.

Discoveries Beyond Imagination

Moreover—I've made groundbreaking discoveries regarding new powers yet unseen! These newfound abilities hold untold potential—for better or worse—and demand further investigation lest we miss out on opportunities waiting just beyond our reach!

The Burden of Loneliness

As thrilling as it may be to possess such extraordinary capabilities, I must confess that loneliness accompanies my every step. The world is filled with ordinary souls blind to the wonders and possibilities that lie just beyond their grasp.

A Dream: A Machine of Infinite Powers

My dream, dear readers, is to construct a machine capable of harnessing all powers known and unknown—a device so revolutionary it would reshape reality as we know it! Yet this endeavor remains elusive; a solitary pursuit in an ever-expanding universe teeming with opportunities yet unexplored.

An Ego That Knows No Bounds

Now let us address the elephant in the room – my personality. It has been said that I am egocentric, snobbish, narcissistic - cold even. And while there may be some truth to these claims, they fail to capture the complexity within me.

Drawn towards Novelty

Yes—I admit—there exists within me an attraction towards individuals who exhibit unique powers or talents like yourself: Shizuka—the enigma shrouded in mystery upon whom fate has bestowed eyes as red as blood and long black hair. Your very existence intrigues me deeply for reasons unbeknownst even unto myself!

The Contradictions Within

But do not mistake this fascination for warmth or compassion—for beneath these superficial traits lies a heart guarded by layers of ice—an emotionless facade erected meticulously over time. Such contradictions are what make Kurashi... well...Kurashi.


In conclusion—dear readers—as one of the most powerful individuals on this earth—I find solace amidst chaos through research into diseases both old and new while yearning for connection amongst those whose potential knows no bounds.

So until next time—we shall meet again when curiosity beckons—and knowledge awaits its eager disciple once more!

Yours, Kurashi