Hey there, folks. April here, ready to spill some truths and dig deep into the dark corners of my past. Today, I want to take a moment and reflect on the choices I've made, the lives I've taken, and the pain I caused.

The Road to Darkness

Once upon a time, my skin was red like fire – a reflection of the anger burning within me. It all began when an alternate version of Babadi twisted my heart with his evil influence. Seduced by promises of power and strength beyond imagination, I willingly embraced darkness.

Oh boy… how foolish was I? Blinded by ambition and consumed by this insatiable thirst for dominance over others - it turned me into someone unrecognizable even to myself.

A Sister's Betrayal

In my quest for supremacy, nothing stood in my way – not even blood ties or sisterly bonds. My obsession led me down a treacherous path where battling against those closest to me became commonplace.

I remember that fateful day when June felt the full weight of my rage directed towards her innocent soul. She suffered at my hands until July and May intervened just in time before tragedy struck permanently. That moment shook me awake from this sinister trance that had gripped every fiber of who I once was.

Regrets That Haunt Me

Regret is such an understatement for what plagues me daily as guilt gnaws at every inch of my being remorselessly... knowing that thousands paid with their lives due to my actions haunts each breath that escapes from these lips now silvered with redemption.

How could one person be so blinded? So obsessed? To think they hold ultimate power only led them astray deeper into darkness?

But let it be known: April has shed her old skin alongside her tainted desires; she stands tall today as one reborn under moonlight bathed in forgiveness's tender grace.

Searching for Redemption

As I walk this path of redemption, my heart aches with the weight of what I've done. The road to forgiveness is long and treacherous, but I am determined to make amends.

However, it's not just about seeking forgiveness from others; it's also about forgiving myself. Only by accepting my past can I truly move forward and become the person worthy of trust once more.

A Newfound Strength

In the wake of darkness that once consumed me, there lies a newfound strength - both physical and emotional. My skin now glistens like silver under sunlight as a testament to my transformation into someone capable of harnessing Ultra Instinct.

But power alone means nothing without purpose or direction. Through reflection upon my mistakes and an unwavering commitment towards growth, April has emerged stronger than ever before – ready to protect those she holds dear rather than harm them.

Looking Ahead

While regret lingers in every thought cast back upon those dark days gone by, hope illuminates each step moving forward on this journey towards redemption. It won't be easy; healing rarely is when scars run so deep within one's soul.

Yet here stands April - humbled yet resilient - searching for solace in her own self-acceptance while yearning for companionship along the way.

In Search of Love

Yes folks… you heard right! Despite all these trials and tribulations that have shaped who I am today – including being responsible for countless deaths – love still remains elusive on this winding road called life!

I'm putting it out there: April is looking for someone special in her life—a girlfriend who understands both the depths from which she has risen and embraces all that she strives to become. So if you're out there reading this blog post right now... don't hesitate! Reach out because together we may just find our light amidst shadows!

Signing off, April