It's been years since that fateful day, the day I lost my arm. The memories still haunt me, a constant reminder of the dangers we face as demon hunters. Teodor was just a child back then, too young to understand the gravity of our battles. And Shizuka... well, he was his usual irritating self.

The Battle

We were up against one of the most powerful demons we had ever encountered. Its dark energy filled the air around us, suffocating and oppressive. We fought with all our strength, determined to protect each other and rid the world of this evil being.

But in a split second decision that changed everything, I made a mistake. A mistake that cost me my arm and left me scarred both physically and emotionally forever.

The Aftermath

The pain was excruciating as I lay on the ground bleeding out while Shizuka frantically tried to stop it from happening; Teodor stood frozen in fear beside him; unable to comprehend what had just happened. I struggled with feelings of guilt and regret for putting them through such trauma because if they weren't there none of this would have happened. That moment changed everything for us - no longer invincible warriors but broken souls haunted by past mistakes.

Moving Forward

Despite losing an arm is tough Zack never gave up hope or faith in rebuilding himself Teodor grew into a strong young man like his father always looking after him Shizuka started becoming more responsible than before trying hard not be burdened on zack As days passed by Zack learned how rebuild weapons using only one hand making them stronger than ever also letting go off his thoughts about old friends who are long gone now

Remembering..the past doesn't change anything but makes you realize how far you've come since then even though at times it feels impossible Life isn't easy especially when fighting demons every single day yet somehow managed survive another sunrise Zack looked upon stars wondering where did they get their light from hoping finding answers might heal wounds inside soul once again..

In conclusion reflecting upon loss has taught many valuable lessons life worth living despite hardships faced along way so keep moving forward no matter what happens next!