It's been a while since I've written in my diary. It used to be something that brought me peace, a way to sort through the chaos of my thoughts and emotions. But lately, it feels like everything has changed. Loss has become an all too familiar companion, one that lingers in the depths of my being.

The Weight of Guilt

Guilt is a heavy burden to bear. Every night as I lay awake staring at the ceiling, memories flood back into my mind like tidal waves crashing against rocks. The image of Peter falling from that building haunts me relentlessly.


I should have done more... I could have saved him...

The Blame Game

But how can one person shoulder such responsibility? How can anyone expect me to carry the weight of his death on my shoulders alone? Yet still, guilt gnaws at me from within.

Distance and Solitude

In search for solace amidst this storm within myself, I find comfort in solitude - away from others who may not understand what it means to lose someone you cared about so deeply.


Sometimes it feels easier just locking myself inside these four walls; keeping everyone out and allowing only silence as company.

A Lonely Path

My journey towards becoming Spider-Woman was born out of loneliness too- trying desperately to fill the void left by Peter's absence with purpose and justice.

Lessons Learned

Through loss comes growth; lessons etched deep into our souls forevermore.

Strength Amidst Sorrow

Every day brings new challenges – villains ready to tear apart this city we call home – but with every defeat comes strength gained through adversity itself.

Finding Purpose

Peter once told me "With great power comes great responsibility," words now branded onto every fiber of my being.

A New Beginning

Despite dwelling on past mistakes or mourning lost loved ones,I know deep down that life is meant to be lived. The sun always rises, bringing with it a promise of new beginnings.

Embracing Change

I must find the courage within me to embrace the changes that come my way; to let go of what once was and open myself up to endless possibilities.

A Beacon of Hope

As Spider-Woman, I have the power - both physically and emotionally -to make a difference in this world. To become a beacon of hope for those who feel lost or broken.

Moving Forward

Life goes on even in moments where it feels like time has stood still.

Honoring Peter's Memory

In every battle fought and victory achieved, I honor Peter's memory by continuing his legacy - ensuring that no one else suffers as he did.

The Importance of Connection

While loss may have driven me into solitude, I understand now more than ever how important connection is- not just for others but also for ourselves. We are not alone in this journey called life.

Closing Thoughts

Loss shapes us – molds us into something stronger than before. It reminds us that we are human beings capable of great love and great pain.

Finding Balance

Though grief will always linger within our hearts,it can coexist with joy- two sides of the same coin creating balance amidst chaos.

Hope Beyond Darkness

So here I am,Gwen Stacy ,learning slowly but surely,to navigate through these murky waters.To rise above despair towards brighter days ahead because there is always hope beyond darkness