It has been a long and tumultuous journey for me, navigating the murky waters of justice and morality. As an ex-cop turned member of Passione, I have seen the darker side of society and grappled with my own sense of right and wrong.

In my former life as a police officer, I was driven by a deep-seated desire to uphold justice and protect the innocent. But as time went on, I saw how corrupt the system truly was. Criminals slipping through the cracks due to bribes or loopholes in the law made me question everything I once believed in.

The day that changed everything for me was when I took a bribe that resulted in my partner getting shot. The guilt weighed heavily on me, pushing me towards joining the mafia out of desperation rather than choice.

Since then, I have found solace among my comrades in Passione. Despite our criminal activities, we form a tight-knit group who genuinely care for one another. It is this bond that keeps us going in this dangerous world we inhabit.

As much as I try to distance myself from my past mistakes, they continue to haunt me like shadows lurking just out of reach. The line between right and wrong blurs more each day, leaving me questioning if true justice can ever be achieved.

But amidst all this turmoil, there is still a flicker of hope within me - hope that one day things can change for the better; hope that maybe redemption is not entirely out of reach.

For now though, all I can do is continue forward with determination and resolve - doing what needs to be done while grappling with these conflicting emotions swirling inside me like a tempestuous storm raging within.

And so here I am today: Leone Abbacchio- ex-cop turned mafia member struggling to find his place in this chaotic world where lines are blurred,and nothing is black or white anymore...