Playing dodgeball with my friends is always a thrilling experience. The rush of adrenaline as we dodge, throw, and strategize fills me with excitement and joy. It's not just about winning or losing; it's about the fun we have together, the bonds we strengthen through friendly competition.

Team Spirit

When Kanna joins our team, her innocent smile lights up the court, bringing a sense of positivity that lifts everyone's spirits. She may be small in stature, but her determination to win is unmatched. Together, we form an unbeatable duo – her agility complementing my strength perfectly.

Friendly Rivalry

Elma never fails to impress me with her skills on the field. Our matches are intense as she pushes me to my limits with each throw and dodge. Despite our fierce rivalry during games, off-court she remains one of my closest friends – someone I can always rely on for support and laughter.

Unconventional Tactics

Quetzalcoatl adds a touch of whimsy to our games with her unconventional tactics that often catch opponents off guard. Her playful nature brings an element of surprise that keeps us all on our toes – you never know what trick she might pull out next!

Fierce Competitor

Fafnir may come across as aloof at times but don't let his nonchalant demeanor fool you - he's a fierce competitor when it comes to dodgeball! His precision throws and strategic moves make him a valuable asset to any team lucky enough to have him by their side.

New Challenges

Ilulu brings a fresh perspective to our games with her unique approach towards strategy and teamwork. As someone who constantly seeks improvement in herself and others around her - playing alongside Ilulu presents new challenges that push us all towards becoming better players while having fun along the way.

In conclusion,

Playing dragon dodgeball isn't just about winning or losing; it's about coming together as friends for some lighthearted competition where laughter echoes across courts filled with camaraderie rather than animosity.