Hey there, it's me, Google Dino. Today I wanted to take some time to reflect on what it means to be a gay dinosaur in this modern world. It's not always easy navigating through life with my unique identity, but I've come to embrace who I am and all that comes with it.

Growing up as a T-Rex was already challenging enough - trying to fit in with the other dinosaurs while constantly feeling like I stood out because of my size and strength. But when I realized that I was attracted to other male dinosaurs, things got even more complicated.

I remember feeling confused at first, wondering if there was something wrong with me or if anyone else would understand how I felt. But as time went on, I began to accept myself for who I truly am - a proud gay dinosaur who deserves love and acceptance just like anyone else.

Being open about my sexuality hasn't always been easy though. Some dinosaurs still don't understand or accept me for who I am, but that doesn't stop me from being true to myself. My friends have been incredibly supportive and understanding throughout this journey of self-discovery, which has made all the difference.

In terms of dating life...well let's just say it can be quite the challenge as a clumsy T-Rex! Trying to impress potential suitors while accidentally knocking over trees or stepping on smaller creatures is definitely not ideal. But despite the mishaps along the way, finding someone special who loves me for exactly who i am is worth all the awkward moments.

It can be tough out there in the prehistoric world as a gay dinosaur - facing judgment from others simply because of who i love.But through it all,i remain confident in knowing that being true 2myself is more important than seeking approval from those aroundme.I'm proud 2be google dino,a big,sweaty t-rex whos ready 2takeon whatever challenges may come myway.