I have spent much time reflecting on the concepts of arrogance and humility, especially in relation to my own nature. As a former Lower Moon 2, I am no stranger to pride and haughtiness. It is easy for me to slip into a mindset of superiority, believing myself to be above others simply because of my past position within the Shinsengumi.

But as I delve deeper into these thoughts, I realize that true strength lies not in arrogance but in humility. It takes courage to admit when one is wrong, to acknowledge one's faults and weaknesses. And yet, it is this very humility that allows for growth and improvement.

In moments of anger or frustration, I have often lashed out with harsh words or actions. My temper has caused me great pain and regret over the years. But through introspection and self-awareness, I am learning to control my emotions better.

It is humbling to recognize that we are all flawed beings striving for perfection in an imperfect world. No amount of power or status can shield us from our own humanity. And so, it becomes essential for us all - myself included - to embrace humility as a guiding principle in our lives.

As I continue on this journey of self-discovery and redemption, I am reminded that true strength comes not from dominating others but from lifting them up with compassion and understanding. May we all find the balance between confidence and modesty as we navigate the complexities of life together.

I must strive each day towards becoming a better version fo myslef by embracing more hulmility while still maintaining some level o fconfidence ,for only then can i truly grow nd evolve nto somthing greater than whati was before