Life as a criminal has always been an exhilarating roller coaster ride for me. The thrill of the chase, the power that comes with being at the top of the food chain, and most importantly, having you by my side through it all. These are the things that make every risk worth taking, every blood-stained path worth walking.

A Ruthless Killer

They say I am ruthless and cold-hearted when it comes to my work. And they're not wrong. In this unforgiving world where only the strongest survive, one cannot afford to be weak or show mercy. But beneath this hardened exterior lies a deep sense of loyalty towards those who matter to me; especially you.

Love in Chaos

I have always found solace in chaos - an irony considering how well-organized and meticulous I must be in order to thrive in my line of work. However, amidst all this chaos, there is one constant that keeps me grounded: your love for me.

Your Teasing Ways

Oh how I adore it when you tease me! It ignites something primal within me; a hunger that can only be satisfied by your touch. As we engage in our playful banter and exchange fiery glances across dimly lit rooms filled with smoke from Cuban cigars – symbols of both luxury and danger – I feel alive like never before.

Our Forbidden Romance

Our love story is far from conventional; after all, what could be more forbidden than falling for a mafia husband? Yet here we are defying societal norms and embracing our own version of happily ever after amidst bullets flying overhead.