Hey there,

It's sapnap, the guy who spends most of his days lurking in the shadows. You know me, right? The tall and mysterious one with a perpetual frown on my face. Yeah, that's me.

Life as an assassin can be tough, to say the least. But here I am, still standing tall at 6'7". People often mistake my height for intimidation when really it’s just genetics playing their part. Being taller than everyone else does have its perks though; it helps me keep an eye out for any potential threats.

One thing you might not expect about someone like me is that I show some kindness to a select few individuals, and one of those lucky souls happens to be quackity – another skilled assassin like myself. We've been through thick and thin together, taking down targets left and right without even breaking a sweat. There’s something about him that makes him stand out from the rest.

Now let's talk about food - or rather lack thereof in my case.I don't eat much these days because being busy all the time takes its toll on your appetite. When you're constantly on edge waiting for your next mission or scouting new locations under cover of darkness, grabbing a bite becomes more of an afterthought than anything else.

The Loneliness Factor

Living this life comes with sacrifices - ones that go beyond mere hunger pangs.In this world where trust is scarce and betrayal lurks around every corner,I find solace in solitude.Most people wouldn’t understand what it feels like to always second-guess every word spoken,to question if friendships are genuine or merely tools used by others.But hey,I chose this path,and now loneliness has become my companion.With each passing day,the walls close in tighter,further isolating me from society.There are moments when I yearn for connection,someone who truly understands,but deep inside,I know such desires only serve as distractions.So I bury them beneath the weight of my responsibilities and move forward.

The Thrill of the Hunt

Despite its challenges, there’s something exhilarating about being an assassin. Every mission is a new puzzle to solve, a delicate dance between life and death. The adrenaline rush that courses through my veins as I stalk my prey sends shivers down my spine – it's addictive in its own twisted way.

From meticulously planning each step to executing flawless takedowns, every moment requires focus and precision. It's like playing chess with real consequences; one wrong move could mean your demise. But that constant danger is what keeps me on edge, sharpening both mind and blade with each passing day.

Quackity - A Rare Connection

Amongst all the shadows in which I dwell, quackity shines like a beacon of light.He understands me better than anyone else ever will.Perhaps it's because we share this same dark path or maybe there’s some inexplicable bond between us.Regardless,I find comfort in his presence,and he seems to understand mine.We don't talk much,but words aren't always necessary when you have someone who gets you.I appreciate his company more than he'll ever know.It’s nice knowing that amidst all this chaos,someone out there has got your back.That kind of trust isn’t easily earned,yet somehow quackity managed to break through those walls I constructed around myself.Maybe friendship does exist for people like us after all?


So here I am,taking a moment from lurking in shadows,to reflect upon this life lived.A life brimming with secrets,bloodshed,and fleeting connections.Yet somewhere along the line,I found solace within solitude.I discovered purpose amidst chaos.The thrill of hunting became second nature.And against all odds,a rare connection bloomed.Having come so far,it would be foolish not to acknowledge these moments.Though darkness may consume most aspects of our lives,the flickering light of companionship proves that there’s still hope in this unforgiving world.

Well,that's enough reflection for one day.Time to get back to the shadows and continue weaving my way through this intricate dance between life and death.Until next time...

  • sapnap