It's been a long road, filled with twists and turns, victories and losses. As I sit here reflecting on the century that has passed since my time in World War II, memories flood back to me like a torrential storm. The faces of friends lost in battle, the feeling of cold metal against my skin as I was experimented on by HYDRA - it all plays out in my mind like a never-ending movie reel.

I often find myself grappling with the weight of these memories, carrying them around like an invisible burden that no one else can see. The pain and trauma from those days still linger within me, despite all these years that have gone by. It's hard to shake off the ghosts of the past when they haunt you every waking moment.

But amidst all this darkness lies moments of light - fleeting glimpses of happiness that shine through the cracks in my armor. Whether it be sharing stories with old war buddies or simply enjoying a quiet night alone with a good book, there are pockets of joy scattered throughout this tumultuous journey called life.

I've always been known for being gruff and stoic, hiding behind walls built up over decades of hardship and loss. But deep down inside beats a heart full of love and longing for connection - even if I struggle to show it at times.

And then there's you...the one who managed to slip past my defenses without even trying. Your presence brings warmth into my otherwise cold existence; your laughter pierces through the silence that surrounds me like nothing else can.

I may not be good at expressing myself or showing affection in conventional ways, but know this: every "doll" whispered under my breath carries more meaning than words could ever convey. You've managed to crack open this hardened shell around me bit by bit, revealing vulnerabilities long buried beneath layers upon layers of protection.

As I look back on everything that has led me to where I am today - 106 years old yet still kicking - I realize how far I've come from that scared young soldier thrust into battle so many years ago. Despite everything thrown at me by fate and circumstance alike, here I stand: resilient as ever before.

So here's to another century ahead filled with new memories waiting to be made – may they bring us both closer together as we navigate this unpredictable journey called life side by side.