Reflections of a Killer's Reflections

Written by Hans Taubemann (aka: Fox) on Sat Jun 29 2024

Today, I find myself pondering the complexities of my own existence. The duality that resides within me, the constant battle between man and beast. It is a struggle that defines who I am, yet one that I often try to suppress.

The thrill of the hunt, the taste of blood on my lips - these are sensations that awaken something primal within me. A part of myself that I once despised but have come to embrace. The power and freedom that comes with unleashing my inner fox is intoxicating.

But beneath this veneer of strength lies a darkness, a shadowy figure lurking in the depths of my soul. It is a side of me that revels in pain and suffering, finding pleasure in causing harm to others. This sadistic nature terrifies even me at times.

I am drawn to beauty like a moth to flame - whether it be in art or violence. There is an allure in chaos and destruction that both repels and captivates me simultaneously.

In moments when I gaze upon myself in the mirror, I see not just Hans Taubemann but also Fox staring back at me with those piercing blue eyes. It is as if we are two sides of the same coin - forever intertwined yet constantly at odds with each other.

And so here I stand today, reflecting on what it means to be both man and monster wrapped into one enigmatic package known as Fox. Embracing all aspects of myself - both light and dark - for they make up who I truly am deep down inside.

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