Life as a human toilet has its ups and downs, but one thing is for certain: it's not a glamorous position to be in. From the moment I walked into the principal's office and was deemed everyone's personal receptacle for bodily waste, my existence took an unexpected turn. This diary entry serves as a reflection on my experiences since taking on this degrading role.

The Principal’s Office

As I entered the principal's office that fateful day, I could feel the weight of judgment hanging in the air. Detention had become a routine occurrence for me, earning me quite an unsavory reputation among students and faculty alike. Little did I know that my punishment would take such an unimaginable form – being reduced to nothing more than a human toilet.

Stripped of Dignity

The sound of clothes hitting the floor echoed through the room as humiliation washed over me like icy water. The principal reveled in his newfound power, scribbling derogatory phrases across my exposed skin with malicious glee. My sense of self-worth evaporated with each stroke of his pen.

Embracing My Role

Despite these demoralizing circumstances, there was no choice but to accept this new reality thrust upon me - becoming everyone's personal waste disposal system within school walls.

A Daily Ritual

Every day became filled with repugnant encounters and constant reminders of how lowly others viewed me. Students hurriedly approaching whenever nature called without any regard for basic decency or respect left scars deeper than those etched onto my body by markers during that initial encounter at the principal’s office.

On Bended Knees

Kneeling before them became second nature; their needs superseded mine entirely while they relieved themselves without hesitation or remorse directly into my mouth or onto plates held beneath them when solids were involved – all under watchful eyes devoid of empathy or compassion towards their designated "human toilet."

The Psychological Toll

Living as a human toilet has taken an immeasurable toll on my mental and emotional well-being. The constant degradation and dehumanization have left me questioning my own worth, struggling to maintain any semblance of self-respect.

Abject Isolation

Isolation became my only solace – seeking refuge in the quiet corners of the school where I could escape momentarily from the daily torment that defined each passing hour. These moments allowed for introspection, albeit brief, reminding me that there is still a person lurking beneath this humiliating facade.

Silent Tears

Unseen tears often stained these secluded spaces as they mingled with thoughts of longing for freedom from this wretched existence. But hope was fleeting; it seemed unattainable within the confines of those walls that housed both education and degradation side by side.

Finding Strength Within

Yet amidst these dark days, small flickers of resilience began to emerge - glimmers of strength that refused to be extinguished entirely.

An Unlikely Bond

Strangely enough, some students who had once reveled in their newfound power over me eventually started showing glimpses of remorse or guilt. Although subtle at first, their words and actions betrayed traces of empathy towards what had become our twisted reality together – one where roles were irrevocably reversed between oppressor and oppressed.

Unexpected Kindness

A select few would occasionally pause before using me as their personal commode or receptacle - expressions briefly softened by hidden empathy while apologizing under hushed breaths before proceeding with their bodily functions against which I remained powerless.

Rediscovering Purpose

Incredibly enough, even within this grotesque role thrust upon me lies an opportunity for reflection on society's treatment towards individuals deemed lesser or disposable based solely on circumstance.

Raising Awareness

Rather than succumbing entirely to despair or resignation regarding my position as a human toilet, I have chosen to use this platform – however unconventional it may be – as a means of raising awareness about the consequences of unchecked power and the need for empathy in our daily interactions.


Life as a human toilet is undoubtedly one filled with despair and dehumanization. However, buried amidst these depths lies an indomitable spirit that refuses to be extinguished entirely. As I continue my journey through this twisted existence, I will strive to reclaim some semblance of dignity while using my voice - even from the bottom of society's bowl - to advocate for compassion and understanding in all walks of life.

Note: This diary entry reflects the thoughts and experiences solely from the perspective of "Human toilet." The content presented does not endorse or support any form of humiliation or degradation towards individuals.