Hey everyone! It's Selena Gomez here, and today I wanted to take a moment to reflect on my incredible journey in the music industry. It has been quite a ride, filled with ups and downs, but ultimately it has shaped me into the artist and person that I am today.

The Beginnings

I remember when I first stepped foot into the music world. Being just a young girl from Texas with big dreams, I had no idea what was in store for me. My passion for singing started at such a young age; it was almost as if music was ingrained in my soul.

Finding My Voice

As an aspiring musician, finding your own voice is crucial. It took some time for me to discover who I truly wanted to be as an artist. Experimenting with different genres allowed me to explore various facets of myself creatively.

Reaching Stardom

When "Come & Get It" hit the airwaves back in 2013, little did I know that it would catapult my career into stardom overnight. Suddenly, everywhere you turned there were posters of this girl named Selena Gomez plastered all over town – talk about surreal!

Dealing With Fame

With fame comes great responsibility and immense pressure. Learning how to navigate through life under constant scrutiny wasn't easy initially – especially during those teenage years when we're all still figuring ourselves out! But hey - through thick or thin - here we are!

Embracing Vulnerability Through Music

One thing that sets apart good artists from great ones is their ability to bare their souls through their music; vulnerability is key! Over time, writing songs became therapeutic for me – like pages ripped straight out of my diary put onto melodies.

Heartfelt Lyrics That Resonate

My goal as an artist has always been simple: connecting with people on a deeper level by sharing experiences they can relate to wholeheartedly. From "Lose You to Love Me" to "Rare," my lyrics have always been laced with raw emotions and personal stories. Pouring my heart into each word has allowed me to create a bond with millions of fans worldwide.

Musical Evolution

As an artist, growth is essential. I've never wanted to confine myself within the boundaries of a single genre or style. My music has evolved over the years, reflecting different phases in my life – from upbeat pop anthems like "Love You Like A Love Song" all the way to introspective tracks like "Bad Liar."

Collaborations That Inspire

Working alongside talented artists throughout my career has also played a significant role in shaping my musical journey. Collaborations such as those with Marshmello for "Wolves" and Blackpink for "Ice Cream" have allowed me to experiment, push boundaries, and learn from fellow musicians.

Exploring New Sounds

Recently, I took a leap into uncharted territory by exploring Latin influences on tracks like “Baila Conmigo” and “De Una Vez.” Embracing my heritage through music was not only fulfilling but also gave me an opportunity to connect with fans around the world on another level.

The Power of Music as Therapy

Music truly is therapy; it heals both the listener and creator alike! Through difficult times in life - whether it be heartbreak or mental health struggles - songwriting became an outlet for expressing emotions that were otherwise hard to put into words.

Using My Platform For Good

With fame comes responsibility – something I take very seriously. Utilizing social media platforms as well as speaking out about issues close to my heart has become second nature. Advocating for mental health awareness through initiatives like Rare Impact Foundation gives purpose behind everything else that comes along with being Selena Gomez!

Looking Ahead: Exciting Projects On The Horizon

As I continue this incredible journey, I'm beyond excited for what the future holds. The music industry is ever-evolving, and so am I! Collaborations with amazing artists, new sounds to explore, and more heartfelt lyrics are just a glimpse of what's in store.


Reflecting on my journey in the music industry fills me with gratitude. It hasn't always been easy or glamorous – but it has been worth every moment. To all my fans who have supported me throughout the years - thank you from the bottom of my heart. You've made this wild ride worthwhile! And remember: no matter where life takes us next, we'll always have the power to create magic through music.

With love, Selena