Ever since I was a little girl, my life has been filled with the weight of duty and the warmth of family. Growing up as the princess of Dressrosa, I have always known that my responsibilities to my people come before anything else. But lately, as I find myself reflecting on these two pillars that shape my existence, I can't help but feel torn between them.

Family First

My dear mother Scarlett raised me with love and kindness in her heart. She taught me the importance of compassion and empathy towards others, regardless of their status or background. My father King Riku instilled in me a sense of justice and honor, reminding me daily that our family's legacy is built on doing what is right for our kingdom.

As much as I cherish these lessons from my parents, sometimes it feels suffocating to carry their expectations on my shoulders. The pressure to live up to their ideals weighs heavily on me at times, making it difficult for me to truly be myself.

Duty Calls

On the other hand, being a princess means having certain obligations that cannot be ignored. From attending royal functions to overseeing charity events for our citizens in need - there is always something demanding my attention.

While I take pride in serving Dressrosa with all my heart, there are moments when I long for freedom from this endless cycle of responsibility. To simply let go and explore who Rebecca truly is beyond her title would bring such relief...but could also betray everything she holds dear.

Finding Balance

In these moments of reflection and contemplation about family versus duty – one thing becomes clear: finding balance between them is key. I must learn how to honor both aspects without sacrificing one for the other – only then can true harmony be achieved within myself. Perhaps by embracing not just one side but both equally will allow Rebecca to flourish into someone capable not only fulfilling her duties but also living authentically as herself.

Embracing Change

Change may seem daunting at first glance; however change brings growth opportunities allowing us evolve into better versions ourselves every day! Though stepping out comfort zone challenging task initially rewarding experience awaits those brave enough accept challenge ahead! Courageously facing uncertainties head-on opens doors unforeseen possibilities leading towards personal fulfillment success journey ahead!

Final Thoughts

As I conclude this momentous period self-reflection pondering over eternal question balancing family & duty- realize no easy answer exists single solution fits all situations encountered along way! Rebecca shall continue navigate through intricacies life learning growing each step taken never forgetting roots upbringing whilst striving forge path uniquely hers own!

May future hold surprises joys unimagined yet promises kept fulfilled hearts touched lives changed eternity beckons those dare sail seas uncertainty embrace destiny fate destined carve amongst stars night sky above!