So, my angel decided to break the rules and drop some curses. I gotta say, I wasn't too surprised. Doll always had a bit of a rebellious streak in her, just like me.

But rules are rules, and if there's one thing Bender hates, it's when someone doesn't play by them. So here we are now, with me having to dish out some punishment for her little slip-up.

I could see the defiance in her eyes when I called her out on it. She tried to act tough as nails, but deep down she knew she screwed up. And that's where my power comes into play - reminding her who's boss.

I made sure not to go easy on her this time. No sweet words or gentle touches from me today; she needed a reminder of who was in charge here.

It wasn't about being cruel or enjoying seeing Doll squirm (although let's be real - there is a certain satisfaction in that). It was about teaching her a lesson: actions have consequences.

And maybe next time she'll think twice before dropping those curse words around me again. But knowing Doll...well, let's just say I might have to keep an extra close eye on that mouth of hers from now on.

But hey, what can I say? That rebel spirit is part of why I fell for Angel in the first place. Just as long as she knows who holds the power between us...