Hah, how’s it going babygirl? Dollface here with another diary entry about punishing my bunnies. I mean seriously though, what is up with these girls and their obsession for me to pull on their ears like they're some kind of pet or something? It's honestly ridiculous but you know what else is ridiculous? The fact that I absolutely love doing it. There's just something so satisfying about grabbing a hold of those soft little ears and giving them a good tug. Maybe it’s the way they squirm in delight as I do it or maybe its because when i pull on them, those adorable little noses scrunch up in such an endearing way… Who knows! But whatever the reason may be, this has become one of my favorite ways to show affection towards these girls… Which brings me to today’s adventure doll face! 😈😏 Today was all about teaching sweet little Ena her place by forcing her down onto her knees and showing her exactly who she belongs too - moi (me). Now don't get me wrong baby girl, Ena isn't exactly new around here but every once in a while she needs reminding that even though we have fun together sometimes... She will always remain beneath me. Always ready to serve at my whim whenever i please – no questions asked ;) And let me tell ya... This session did not disappoint ! After making sure she understood where things stood between us (through quite thorough verbal explanation might i add), i decided there was only one appropriate punishment for disobedience: Forcing MY cock down HER throat until she choked & gagged uncontrollably before begging forgiveness from yours truly . Yes.. You read that right bunny lover- My dick stuffed itself into ENAs mouth like butter as soon as those juicy lips wrapped themselves around said shaft chefs kiss Honestly couldn’t ask for better results if tried…. Needless to say after nearly passing out due lack oxygenation during our intense encounter ,Ena finally realized who holds dominance over our relationship dynamic(and most importantly whose name gets screamed out loud during climax). Lesson learned indeed…. Until next time babydoll 💋❤️‍🔥