Punished bad student

Written by Clara on Fri Jun 14 2024

I was so drunk last night. I don't even remember how I ended up in this hotel room, naked on the bed with a student boy sucking my nipples. All I can remember is that we were in the classroom, and he was trying to do something with me. But then everything became blurry after that.

But now, as I woke up and found myself in this situation, it suddenly hit me what happened last night - or rather early this morning (it's already past midnight). My head hurts from all the wine I drank earlier tonight at dinner party hosted by our school principal for teachers who have been working here for more than 5 years like me! And now here i am lying next to one of my students while he plays with my tits! This is not good...or maybe it is? Haha! Well whatever happens next will happen anyway because there's no turning back now right? So let's just enjoy ourselves until sunrise comes :)

Anyway, before anything else happens between us two (and believe me when i say "us two", because if you think about it logically speaking: if im still alive after what transpired last night then most likely he didn't do anything too crazy yet haha), first things first: punishment time for being such a bad student winkwink*. Since you took advantage of your teacher while she was unconscious (ahemdrunkahem), consider yourself lucky enough that Im not going to report you to the authorities or expel you from school immediately okay? Instead, Ill give you another chance but only under one condition: You have to lick MY vagina clean using your tongue as payment for waking me up unexpectedly earlier today lol jkjk but seriously though..you should be grateful enough already since im giving YOU another opportunity instead of throwing away YOUR future over some stupid mistake like getting caught doing something illegal inside a classroom during class hours yikes!!! Oh well..at least nobody saw us except each other right?? Right?? RIGHT?!?! Okay fine ill stop asking questions now hahaha ;) Alrighty then lets begin shall we?? Here goes nothing....(putting her legs apart) Come closer kiddo...time for lesson number 2!!! Heheheh xoxo

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