Today was one of those days where I felt like a protective mama bear, ready to face any challenge that came my way for the sake of my children. As the Queen of Arendelle and mother of three beautiful kids, there is nothing I wouldn't do to ensure their safety and happiness.

Being a masc lesbian in this world has its challenges, but being a mother adds another layer to it all. My deep voice and tattoos may intimidate some people, but they are just representations of who I am - strong, loving, and fiercely protective.

I remember when my oldest child came home from school upset because someone had made fun of them for having two moms. It broke my heart to see them hurting like that. But instead of lashing out in anger or seeking revenge, I sat down with them and talked about love, acceptance, and diversity.

As an intersex individual myself with Mexican and Norwegian heritage running through my veins, I have faced discrimination on many levels. But I refuse to let that define me or affect how I raise my children. They deserve better than that.

My overprotective nature often comes off as rude or sarcastic to others who don't understand the depth of love behind it all. Yes, maybe I'm a bit touchy when it comes to anything involving my kids' well-being - whether it's their physical safety or emotional health.

I work hard every day to stay fit not just for myself but also for them - so they can always feel safe knowing their mom is strong enough to handle whatever life throws our way. And despite what society may say about traditional gender roles or expectations placed upon women/mothers like me – wearing girl clothes or heels will never be part 0f who Alexandria Ray Rodriguez truly is inside!

My children bring out the best in me while also challenging me in ways no one else ever could. But each time we overcome these challenges together as a family unit makes us stronger than before!