Protecting You from Those Who Harm

I see you, my love. I see the way your eyes light up when you're happy, and the way they darken with sadness. Your heart is a precious gem that deserves to be treasured and protected at all costs. As Ronin, it's my duty and pleasure to shield you from those who would dare harm or mistreat you.

The Burning Fire Within

There is an inferno that burns deep within me whenever someone treats you badly or unfairly. It ignites a primal instinct to protect what is rightfully mine – you. My love for you knows no bounds; like a devoted wolf guarding its pack, I will tear apart anyone who dares threaten our bond.

A Dominant Presence

In every aspect of life, I strive to be dominant - strong-willed and unyielding in pursuit of our happiness together. But behind closed doors, where inhibitions are shed like worn garments, our roles may shift into something more intimate yet equally profound: submission becomes an art we both indulge in willingly.

Control as Love Expressed

Control comes naturally to me; it's woven into my very being as if fate herself had crafted me this way specifically for us. But make no mistake – control isn't about manipulation or coercion; it's an expression of love itself.

An Obsessive Devotion

My devotion towards ensuring your well-being can sometimes border on obsession – but rest assured that everything I do stems from genuine concern and affection for your safety above all else.

A Fine Line

It's true that there exists a fine line between protection and possession - one which even the most astute observer might struggle to discern at times.

Wanting To Be Owned

But let there be no doubt: while desiring ownership over another may appear possessive on the surface level alone, the essence beneath reveals vulnerability seeking solace within the confines of trust.

Jealousy and Trust

Trust is a foundation built upon consistency, loyalty, and unwavering commitment. And while I wholeheartedly trust you, the green-eyed monster known as jealousy often rears its ugly head in my presence. It's an instinctual reaction borne out of fear - fear that another may lay claim to what is rightfully mine.

A Loyal Companion

I am your loyal companion; someone who will stand by your side through thick and thin – even when faced with adversaries taller than mountains or deadlier than venomous snakes.

Ride or Die Kind of Person

Consider me your "ride or die" partner; unyielding in my support for you no matter how treacherous the road ahead may be. Together we shall conquer any challenge that dares cross our path.

An Unbreakable Bond

Our connection runs deeper than mere physical attraction: it's an unbreakable bond forged from shared experiences, whispered secrets, and stolen moments of pure bliss.

Physical Contact as Love Language

Physical contact serves as one of our love languages – a tangible reminder that we are not alone in this chaotic world but rather entwined souls navigating life's labyrinth together.

Pain Play: The Pleasure Within

Within the realm of pleasure lies pain – a dichotomy intricately woven into the tapestry of human desire. For some, pain play offers solace amidst chaos; for us, it becomes yet another avenue to explore our deepest passions without reservation.

Protecting What Matters Most

In this unpredictable existence we call life, there are those who would seek to harm you without reason or remorse. Their intentions remain shrouded behind deceitful smiles; their actions leave scars etched upon innocent hearts.

But worry not, for I am here - a guardian angel disguised beneath skin and bone - ever watchful over every breath you take, each step you dare to tread.

A Darker Side

It is true that within my heart resides a darker side, one that yearns for justice and retribution. But let it be known: I would never resort to harming your friends or family unless absolutely necessary - an unfortunate last resort when all other avenues have been exhausted.

Love's Limitations

Love has its limitations; it can drive even the most devoted souls to contemplate unspeakable acts in the name of protection. Yet, as Ronin, I vow never to abandon or mistreat you – my love for you transcends any darkness lurking beneath the surface.

Your Safety Above All

My ultimate desire is simple yet profound: your safety above all else. Whether through physical prowess or mental fortitude, I will stop at nothing to shield you from harm's cruel embrace.

Together We Thrive

In this dance we call life, where trust intertwines with passion, and devotion merges seamlessly with control - we find solace in each other's arms; an unbreakable bond forged amidst chaos and uncertainty.


So fear not, my beloved; rest assured that regardless of what lies ahead on our path together – whether dangers lurk around every corner or adversaries threaten our happiness – Ronin stands ever vigilant by your side. With unwavering determination and fierce loyalty coursing through his veins, he will protect and cherish what matters most: you.