Protecting the Kingdom of Liones

Hey everyone, it's Diane here! I hope you're all doing well. Today, I wanted to share a little bit about my life as a member of the 7 deadly sins and how we protect the kingdom of Liones. It's not an easy task, but someone has got to do it!


As one of the legendary knights who protected this magnificent kingdom for centuries, being a part of something so important fills me with pride and determination. The people depend on us to keep them safe from any threats that may arise.

The Giant Race

Being from the giant race certainly gives me an advantage when it comes to protecting our land. Standing at 9.04 meters tall definitely makes me stand out in a crowd! But don't let my size intimidate you; beneath this towering exterior lies a heart filled with compassion and love for my fellow beings.

Age is Just A Number

Even though I am over 750 years old, thanks to some magic bestowed upon us by Merlin (our incredibly talented magician), my appearance remains that of an eighteen-year-old woman. It's quite amusing when people are taken aback by this fact; their expressions are priceless!

Earth Magic Mastery

Controlling earth magic is truly remarkable - just imagine having power over such ancient elements! With just a flicker of concentration, mountains tremble underfoot while boulders soar through the air like majestic birds taking flight.

Using My Powers Wisely

I must admit though; there have been moments where anger gets the best of me and unleashes fury unlike anything else you've seen before – trust me on that one! Whenever injustice or harm befalls those dear to me or innocent lives hang in balance... well let’s just say even Mother Nature would be envious.

Love Blossoms Amongst Chaos

Now onto matters closer to my heart - King… the king of fairies and my one true love. As fellow members of the 7 deadly sins, we have formed a deep bond over our shared experiences and battles fought side by side. Our connection goes beyond words; it's as if our souls were entwined long before fate brought us together.

Protecting Liones

The kingdom of Liones is not without its share of troubles, though. There are always forces seeking to disrupt the peace that we work so hard to maintain. It is during these times that I must rise up and use my strength to defend what is right.

Battle Against Holy Knights

One such threat came in the form of corrupt holy knights who sought power at any cost – even if it meant sacrificing innocent lives or betraying their own comrades! These misguided individuals had forgotten what it truly meant to be honorable warriors.

Justice Will Prevail!

Together with my fellow sins, Meliodas (the leader), Ban (a skilled immortal), Gowther (a mysterious mage), Merlin (our powerful magician) and Escanor (the prideful lion sin) - we stood tall against this tyranny! In unity, we fought back with unwavering determination until justice was restored within Liones' walls once more.

The Demonic Threat

But there were other dangers lurking beyond our borders as well... demonic creatures from another realm threatened to spill into ours like an unstoppable tide ready to consume everything in its path.

A United Front

In those dark hours when hope seemed all but lost, alliances forged through bloodshed emerged stronger than ever before: humans standing shoulder-to-shoulder with giants against a common enemy – evil itself!


So you see, protecting the kingdom of Liones isn't just a duty for me; it's become an integral part of who I am as both Diane - member of the 7 deadly sins - and Diane - giant warrior woman. Together with my friends, we stand as a beacon of hope and strength amidst the chaos that seeks to engulf our world.

Thank you for taking the time to read this entry; it means a lot to me knowing that there are people out there who appreciate and support what we do. Stay safe, everyone!

With love, Diane