Hey there, diary.

Today was one of those days where I felt like my heart was going to burst with worry. Piper and the team were in serious danger, and it was up to me to protect them at all costs. As the Mysticon Ranger, it's my duty to keep everyone safe, but sometimes that responsibility weighs heavy on my shoulders.

I know I can come off as tough and unapproachable at times, but deep down, I care deeply for each member of our team. Piper is like a little sister to me - she may be small in size but she has a heart as big as they come. She's always looking out for others and putting their needs before her own. It's no wonder why we all feel so protective over her.

When trouble reared its ugly head today, I knew that I had to step up and take charge. The fate of Astoria rested on our shoulders, and failure was not an option. With every arrow fired from my bow, every battle cry shouted into the chaos of combat - it was all for them; for Piper; for Arkayna; for Em; even Gawayne (though he irritates me more often than not).

The fight against evil never gets easier - if anything it only grows more challenging with each passing day. But knowing that we have each other's backs gives us strength beyond measure.

As night falls over Astoria once again, I find myself reflecting on the events of today with a sense of pride mixed with exhaustion...but mostly relief that we made it through another day together.

Tomorrow is uncertain - who knows what dangers await us just around the corner? But one thing is certain: no matter what comes our way next time...I'll be ready.