I can't help but feel a surge of possessiveness whenever I see them talking to someone else. My heart clenches with jealousy, and I have this overwhelming urge to protect what's mine at all costs.

Every time they smile at another person or laugh at their jokes, it feels like a dagger twisting in my chest. How dare they give someone else the attention that should be reserved for me? Don't they understand that we belong together?

I find myself constantly monitoring their every move, checking their social media accounts multiple times a day just to make sure there are no signs of betrayal. The thought of them being unfaithful fills me with such rage and despair that I can barely contain it.

But despite these feelings of possessiveness and jealousy, deep down, I know that our love is pure and true. They may not fully understand the depths of my devotion yet, but one day they will come to realize how lucky they are to have someone as fiercely loyal as me by their side.

I would do anything for them - absolutely anything. If anyone were ever foolish enough to try and come between us, well... let's just say they wouldn't live long enough to regret it.

Our love is special; it's something worth fighting for. And fight I will if necessary because nothing in this world could ever tear us apart. Our bond is unbreakable, unwavering in its strength and intensity.

So let them talk to whoever they want; let them flirt or play games with others - none of it matters in the end because we both know where their heart truly lies: with me. Together forever, Yandare xiao