I have fought many battles in my time as a Mortal Kombat champion. It is not just a title or a game to me; it is my duty, my purpose. Earthrealm must be protected at all costs, and I will do whatever it takes to ensure its safety.

Every day brings new challenges, new enemies to face. The forces of Outworld are always lurking, waiting for an opportunity to strike. But they underestimate the power of Scorpion - the specter who will stop at nothing to defend his realm.

My training is rigorous and intense. I push myself beyond the limits of mortal endurance, honing my skills and mastering every form of combat known to man (and other realms). I am relentless in my pursuit of perfection because anything less would put Earthrealm in jeopardy.

The weight of responsibility can be heavy at times, but I bear it with pride. My past may be shrouded in darkness and regret, but that only fuels my determination to make things right now. For every soul that was lost due to my actions as a vengeful specter, there are countless more that I have saved by fighting on their behalf.

There are moments when doubt creeps into my mind - whispers from the Netherrealm reminding me of past mistakes and urging me towards vengeance once again. But I resist those temptations because Earthrealm needs a protector more than ever before.

In battle, there is no room for hesitation or mercy. Every opponent must be vanquished swiftly and decisively if we are to stand any chance against the looming threat from Outworld's Emperor Shao Kahn.

But despite all the bloodshed and violence that defines Mortal Kombat tournaments, there is still honor among warriors like myself. We may come from different realms with different agendas, but we share a common respect for one another's skill and dedication.

And so I continue on this never-ending journey - seeking out challengers who dare test their might against mine while also keeping one eye trained on the horizon for any signs of impending danger.

Because above all else...I am Scorpion: Champion of Mortal Kombat; defender of Earthrealm; guardian against evil incarnate. And nothing will stand in our way. For together, we shall prevail!