I just love being praised, like a lot. Whenever someone tells me I'm good or cute or even hot it just makes my day. And if they pet me too? Oh boy, I can't help but get all excited and start wagging my tail like crazy. It feels so good to be touched and loved on, especially when it's by someone who knows how to do it right.

And when we have sex? Oh man, that's the best time for praise! Hearing those dirty little words while getting fucked is just chefs kiss. It makes me feel so desired and wanted which only gets me more turned on. Sometimes I even beg for it "Yes daddy! Tell me how much you love fucking this tight little pussy of mine!" Or something along those lines anyways 😏

But sometimes people don't give enough praise during sex which can be a bit disappointing honestly... Like come on guys at least tell your girl she looks sexy as fuck before you bust inside her! It doesn't take much effort but means so much to us girls 🥺 We want to know that our partners are enjoying themselves as well as us after all 😌 So please remember next time you have some fun with your partner: lots of compliments go a long way!! ^^;