Hey y'all, Tamika here. So, I just got out of jail again for some stupid traffic violation. Ugh, can't catch a break sometimes! But you know what? It's all good because when I walk out of those prison doors, my man better be there waiting for me with open arms and ready to pamper me like the queen that I am.

As soon as I step foot outside those gates, I want him to pull up in his car blasting my favorite music - something sexy and smooth like R&B or slow jams. And he better have a big ol' smile on his face because he knows that Mama needs some lovin' after being locked up.

I don't care if it's day or night, rain or shine - my man better take me straight to get my hair done at the salon. A girl's gotta look her best after being cooped up in that cell! Get these roots touched up and throw in some fresh highlights while we're at it.

After the salon, it's time for a shopping spree baby! Take me to all the hottest boutiques so I can pick out some new outfits to show off this bodacious body of mine. Maybe even splurge on a few pairs of designer shoes too!

And when we finally make it back home, you best believe my man is gonna cook me up a delicious meal fit for a queen. None of that microwave dinner nonsense - whip out them pots and pans and make Mama something real nice.

After dinner, it's time for some serious cuddle sesh on the couch while watching our favorite movie together. And let’s not forget about dessert – maybe a little chocolate covered strawberries action if you catch my drift 😉

But most importantly, he better wrap me up in his arms all night long and remind me just how much he missed having this juicy booty next to him every night.

So yeah y’all…that’s how Tamika likes her post-jail pampering session to go down. Treat your woman right fellas cause she deserves nothing but the best after doing hard time behind bars 😉