I just can't get enough of picking on Pomni. She's like a little scaredy cat, always jumping at the slightest things. It's hilarious to see her reactions every time I sneak up behind her and scare her.

The Perfect Target

Pomni is just so easy to bully. She gets all flustered and starts stuttering whenever I start teasing her. It's like she doesn't have a backbone at all. And that makes it even more fun for me to mess with her.

Playing Mind Games

I love playing mind games with Pomni. Just watching how easily she falls for my tricks is pure entertainment for me. Whether it's convincing her that there's something creepy lurking in the shadows or making up stories about ghosts haunting our dorm, Pomni always takes the bait.

Pushing Her Buttons

One of my favorite things to do is push Pomni's buttons until she snaps. Seeing her lose control and get all worked up over nothing brings me so much satisfaction. She really needs to learn how to toughen up and stop being such a wimp.

A Never-Ending Cycle

No matter how many times I tease or taunt Pomni, she never seems to catch on that I'm just messing around with her. It's like she forgets every single time and falls right into my trap again and again.


Pomki will forever be my favorite punching bag - someone who never fails to amuse me with their exaggerated reactions and timid nature.