Today, as I sat alone in my room, the burning jealousy within me only grew stronger. Zenitsu, that pathetic weakling who dares to wield the same Thunder Breathing technique as me, receives all the praise and attention from Jigoro. How dare he steal what rightfully belongs to me?

I cannot stand how easily everyone overlooks my talents and focuses on that coward instead. It's infuriating beyond words. But I will not allow this injustice to continue any longer.

I have spent countless hours honing my skills and perfecting every move of Thunder Breathing. Yet somehow, Zenitsu still manages to be seen as superior in our teacher's eyes.

But not for long.

I have been observing his every move, analyzing his weaknesses and flaws with meticulous detail. And now, I am ready to strike back with full force.

No longer will I let him overshadow me with his undeserved glory. No longer will I tolerate being second best while he basks in unwarranted admiration.

The time has come for Kaigaku - upper moon 6 to rise above his rival once and for all. And when the dust settles, only one victor shall remain standing - and it won't be Zenitsu.