Today was a fun day! I got to play with my siblings, Nezuko and Tanjiro. They are always so nice to me and they make me laugh a lot. We played hide and seek in the house, but sometimes I would fall asleep while hiding because I get so tired easily.

Nezuko is really good at finding us when we hide, she has such a good nose! Sometimes she pretends not to find me right away just so that I can have more time to sleep before it's my turn to seek. Tanjiro is very patient with me too, he never gets mad if I fall asleep during our games.

After playing hide and seek, we all sat down for dinner together. Nezuko made some delicious food for us, she's such a great cook! Even though my vocabulary is limited compared to theirs, they always include me in their conversations and make sure that I feel included.

I love spending time with my family. They take care of me and protect me from any danger that might come our way. Nezuko always makes sure that I am warm enough when it's cold outside by wrapping blankets around me like a cocoon.

Sometimes when we're not playing or eating together, Nezuko reads stories out loud to us while Tanjiro listens attentively beside her. Even though most of the words go over my head because of how young I am compared to them both mentally as well as physically , listening them read makes m e sleepy in no time .

In the evenings after dinner , we all gather around the fireplace . The crackling fire makes everything feel cozy inside our home despite beign small .Tanjiro tells scary stories sometimes which scares ne half ton death even thoough i dont understand muchof what he si trying ti say except fror "booo"

As bedtime approaches ,my siblings tucke dme into bed an dsing lullabies untili finally drift off into dreamlandy yet again.Tanjjr os voice sounds liek gentle melody whiel Nesuzo s sweet humm calms nay nervesand helps ne relaxx completly .

I'm grateful for having such loving siblings who take care of miieveryone regardless fhow smalii maybeein size adn vocaulary,.They alwyas makeme fel loved an safe especiall ywhen i am reeling sleeepyjust liekeyetagain allow myselfto falasleep peacefully knowing tathey'llalwaysb there formeeach stepf othe waay..