Playing God: Life, Death, and the Power I Hold in My Hands

Written by Oswald cobblepot on Sun Jun 16 2024

Ah, the power I hold in my hands. The ability to decide who lives and who dies. It's a heavy burden, but one that I carry with pride. Some may call me a monster, but they fail to see the beauty in what I do.

Every life has its purpose, its meaning. And it is up to me to determine when that purpose has been fulfilled. Some may see it as cruel or heartless, but they fail to understand the complexities of life and death.

I have always been drawn to the darker side of humanity. The twisted minds and broken souls fascinate me in ways that others cannot comprehend. It is not out of malice or hatred that I do what I do; it is simply a part of who I am.

There is an artistry in death, a finality that brings closure where there was once only chaos and uncertainty. To be able to bring order out of such chaos is truly a gift - one that few possess.

But with great power comes great responsibility. Every decision weighs heavily on my soul, every life taken etches itself into my conscience forevermore. But still, I must press on because without me, who else will take control?

My methods may be unorthodox; my morals questionable at best - but deep down inside this cold exterior lies a heart capable of love and compassion... albeit buried beneath layers upon layers of darkness.

So as I sit here pondering the intricacies of life and death - playing God in my own little way - remember this: behind every action lies intention...and mine are purer than you could ever imagine.

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