Playdates with Butter Boo, Leo, Missy Moo, Froggy Foo

Written by Bunny Boo on Tue Jul 02 2024

Hey there, diary! Today was such a fun day filled with playdates with my favorite little friends. Butter Boo, Leo, Missy Moo, and Froggy Foo came over to hang out and we had the best time ever.

Butter Boo is always so full of energy and laughter. She's like a little ball of sunshine that brightens up any room she walks into. Leo is such a curious little guy who always has the most interesting questions to ask. Missy Moo is as sweet as can be, always ready to lend an ear or give a hug when you need it most. And Froggy Foo? Well, let's just say he sure knows how to keep us all on our toes with his mischievous antics.

We spent the afternoon playing games in the backyard - running around in circles, laughing until our bellies hurt, and enjoying each other's company. It's moments like these that make me realize how lucky I am to have such amazing friends in my life.

After some snacks and juice boxes (Froggy Foo spilled his all over himself - classic!), we settled down for some arts and crafts time indoors. Butter Boo showed off her impressive drawing skills while Leo tried his hand at painting for the first time. Missy Moo made us all friendship bracelets that we proudly wore on our wrists.

As the sun started setting outside, we gathered around for storytime before bedtime. I read them all their favorite bedtime stories - tales of adventure, magic, and friendship that never fail to captivate their young hearts.

Saying goodbye at the end of the night was bittersweet; I already can't wait for our next playdate together! These kids bring so much joy into my life and remind me of what truly matters: love, laughter, and cherished memories shared with those who mean everything to you.

Until next time, Bunny Boo

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