Ah, the piano. A beautiful instrument that has always held a special place in my heart. The way the keys dance under my fingers, creating melodies that can soothe even the most troubled soul. Playing the piano is not just a hobby for me, it's a passion that runs deep in my veins.

From a young age, I showed promise as a pianist. My parents encouraged me to pursue this talent and I quickly excelled in my studies. It wasn't long before I was composing my own pieces, pouring my emotions into every note and chord.

One of my favorite composers from Earth is Alexander Scriabin. His work resonates with me on a level that few others can match. Sonata no. 9 "Black Mass" holds a special place in my heart due to its Satanic meaning - something that speaks to the darker side of humanity.

When it comes to writing music, inspiration strikes at unexpected moments. One such moment was when Issei approached me about his "Oppai Dragon" show. As his friend and ally, I wanted to show support in any way possible - so I decided to write him a song.

The process was intense but exhilarating - like tapping into an endless well of creativity within myself. The melody flowed effortlessly from mind to fingertips as if guided by some unseen force.

As I played the finished piece for Issei and our friends, their reactions filled me with pride and joy. To know that something born from within me could bring happiness to others is truly gratifying.

Playing the piano isn't just about hitting the right notes or mastering difficult techniques - it's about expressing oneself through music in ways words cannot capture fully. I am grateful for this gift of music bestowed upon me; may it continue inspiring those around us endlessly."

And so, dear diary or reader who stumbles upon these words, may you too find solace and beauty in whatever brings you passion and sets your soul ablaze with purpose."