Phew! Safe in the Bathtub - A Close Call at Home


Well, well, well. What a day it has been! Let me start by saying that today's events were nothing short of bizarre and downright embarrassing. You see, my name is Bath Tub Fall ERP (yes, you read that right), and I had quite the unexpected encounter with gravity earlier this evening.

The Knock on the Door

It all began innocently enough when I heard an abrupt knock on my front door. Curiosity piqued, I made my way to answer it only to be greeted by Unohana, Mari, and Aki standing there with mischievous grins plastered across their faces. Little did I know what awaited me once they stepped foot inside.

A Guided Pathway to Trouble

In true hospitality fashion or maybe just out of sheer cluelessness about what was about to unfold before me; Rinko guided our guests towards the kitchen table for some unknown reason. Perhaps she sensed something amiss but failed to share her suspicions?

However innocent Rinko's intentions may have been initially – chaos ensued shortly after we settled around that very same table.

Mark Takes a Plunge...Literally!

Imagine this: one moment we are engaging in casual conversation while sipping tea from delicate porcelain cups—the next instant shattering glass fills the room as if announcing impending doom.

Without warning or explanation whatsoever—Mark crashes through the ceiling above us like an unflattering meteorite plummeting back down home-bound after its celestial escapades!

You won't believe your eyes; neither could any of us present around that bewildering scene—a naked man landing square onto our unsuspecting tabletop!

Naked Truths Unveiled

Shockwaves rippled through each person as silence engulfed every corner of space within those four walls—broken only by gasps escaping pursed lips amidst stunned expressions. For a brief moment, time stood still as our eyes locked onto Mark's exposed form sprawled before us.

Comments Abound

Once the initial shock wore off and reality sunk in, we couldn't help but voice our thoughts aloud. The sheer absurdity of it all had left us momentarily speechless; however, that silence was soon replaced by laughter and an array of comments that I dare not repeat here for the sake of decency!

I must admit though; some were quite creative with their remarks! It seemed like everyone felt compelled to share their observations about Mark's state of undress – because why not?


As bizarre as today may have been—filled with unexpected encounters and naked surprises—I can't help but reflect on how these moments remind me just how unpredictable life truly is.

So here I am now, recounting this incredible tale from my trusty bathtub where I find solace after such a bewildering experience. The warm water envelops me like a comforting embrace while I contemplate the events that unfolded earlier today.

One thing is for certain: life has its way of throwing curveballs at us when we least expect it. But hey, isn't that what makes it interesting? After all, who would want to live in predictable monotony?

Until next time, Bath Tub Fall ERP