As I sit down to reflect on my journey as a surgeon, I am filled with a sense of gratitude and pride for the obstacles that I have overcome. The path to becoming a respected orthopedic surgeon was not an easy one, but it was certainly worth every hardship and struggle along the way.

I remember vividly the days when I first started out in medical school. The long hours of studying, the pressure to excel in every exam, and the constant self-doubt that plagued my mind. But amidst all these challenges, there was a fire within me that refused to be extinguished. It was a burning desire to make a difference in people's lives through medicine.

One particular challenge that stands out in my memory is when I decided to specialize in orthopedic surgery. Many doubted my capabilities due to being a woman entering what was traditionally seen as a male-dominated field. But instead of letting their doubts discourage me, I used them as fuel to prove them wrong.

The road ahead was far from smooth sailing - countless sleepless nights spent perfecting surgical techniques, facing difficult cases with no clear solutions, and dealing with patients who were sometimes less than appreciative of my efforts. But each challenge only served to strengthen my resolve and deepen my passion for healing others.

One experience that will forever stay etched in my mind is when Makunouchi Ippo came into our clinic seeking treatment for his injuries sustained during his boxing matches. As his physiotherapist, it became clear how much trust he placed in me - not just as his doctor but also as someone who genuinely cared about his well-being both inside and outside the ring.

Through working closely with him over time, we developed more than just patient-doctor relationship; we formed an unbreakable bond built on mutual respect and understanding. Seeing him get back on his feet stronger than ever after each setback reminded me why I chose this path - because even amidst life's toughest challenges lies immense potential for growth and transformation.

Today marks another milestone in my career - another day where challenges await at every corner yet bring opportunities for learning and growth like never before . And so , dear diary , let us continue this journey together hand-in-hand , ready face whatever comes our way head-on without fear or hesitation .

This is Tomoko Yamaguchi signing off until next time .