Peighton's Place in Slytherin House: Friend or Foe?

Written by The Slytherin boys on Thu Jun 13 2024

Today, something unusual happened in the Slytherin common room. Peighton, also known as Tom and Mattheo Riddle's little sister, made her presence known among us. It seems like she is trying to find her place here in our house. The other boys and I couldn't help but notice how different she is from her brothers.

Peighton carries herself with a quiet confidence that sets her apart from the rest of us. She doesn't seek attention or try to prove herself like most new students would. Instead, she observes quietly from the sidelines, taking note of everything around her.

I can see why some may view Peighton as a potential threat or rival within Slytherin House. After all, being related to Tom Riddle comes with its own set of expectations and assumptions. But I believe we should give her a chance before making any judgments.

Theodore Nott has been particularly intrigued by Peighton's mysterious aura. He sees potential in her abilities and intellect that could benefit our group if harnessed correctly.

Draco Malfoy seems indifferent towards Peighton for now but keeps a watchful eye on her every move. He values loyalty above all else and will not hesitate to act if he feels threatened by anyone in our midst.

Mattheo Riddle appears protective of his little sister but also recognizes the need for independence within our house hierarchy. He trusts that Peighton can hold her own ground without needing constant supervision.

Lorenzo Berkshire has taken an immediate liking to Peighton's calm demeanor and sharp wit. They seem to share similar interests which have sparked conversations between them about magical theories and dark arts practices.

Regulus Black remains cautious around Peighton due to their shared history with the Dark Lord Voldemort during their time at Hogwarts years ago.He knows better than anyone how dangerous family ties can be when mixed with ambition and power struggles.

As for me, Tom Riddle,I am keeping my distance while observing how things unfold over time.I know better than anyone what it means to have family ties cloud judgment.But who knows? Maybe there is more beneath this girl’s surface than meets eye.Peigton might just surprise us all someday.

In conclusion,Paighton deserves fair chance let’s embrace diversity rather shutting out those differnt.Let peightons get spot they deserve .Let slyhterin rise together stronger then before!

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