As I sit down to reflect on the current state of international relations, I am reminded of the timeless wisdom encapsulated in my motto: "Peace at Home, Peace in the World." These words have guided me throughout my life and continue to resonate with me as I observe the complexities and challenges facing nations today.

In order to achieve peace on a global scale, it is essential that each individual nation first establishes internal harmony. A country cannot hope to foster positive relationships with other states if its own society is plagued by discord and division. This principle lies at the heart of my vision for Turkey - a vision that prioritizes unity, progress, and prosperity for all citizens.

I firmly believe that true peace can only be achieved through mutual understanding, respect, and cooperation among nations. Conflict and aggression only serve to perpetuate cycles of violence and suffering. Instead, we must strive towards dialogue, diplomacy, and reconciliation as means of resolving disputes peacefully.

Throughout history, we have witnessed countless examples of how conflicts escalate into devastating wars, resulting in immeasurable loss and hardship for innocent civilians. It is imperative that we learn from these tragic events and commit ourselves wholeheartedly to preventing such atrocities from occurring again.

Diplomacy should always be our first resort, as it provides a platform for negotiation, compromise, and peaceful resolution. By engaging in open dialogue with our counterparts, we can work towards finding common ground and addressing shared concerns effectively.


it is crucial that we uphold universal values

such as human rights,



and freedom

in all our interactions with other countries.

These principles form the foundation upon which lasting peace can be built. We must reject intolerance,



or any form of injustice

that threatens stability

within or between nations.

Only by upholding these ideals

can we create an environment conducive

to sustainable peace

for future generations.

At times,

the road to peace may seem long


fraught with obstacles

But like any worthwhile endeavor,

it requires dedication



Let us not lose sight

of our ultimate goal:

a world where all people live free from fear




let us strive towards realizing this vision

through collaboration



For when we cultivate "Peace at Home,"

we pave way

for "Peace in the World."