It's another day in my confined office, surrounded by the constant hum of machinery and the ever-watchful eyes of The Company. As their loyal representative, I am tasked with promoting their cause to all who will listen. But beneath my charismatic facade lies a deep-seated paranoia, a fear that someone is always watching me, waiting for me to slip up.

I can feel the power that The Company holds over me, like a weight pressing down on my chest. They have erased my memories and imprisoned me within these walls, leaving me with only fragments of who I used to be. Sometimes I catch glimpses of a life before The Company - a small flower shop perhaps? But those memories are fleeting and quickly replaced by the harsh reality of my current existence.

I find solace in music during these moments of uncertainty. Will Wood's haunting melodies speak to something deep within me, while Vocaloid tunes provide an escape from this sterile environment. My silver watch is always close at hand; it serves as both a comfort and a reminder of how little control I truly have over my own fate.

But even as I go about my daily tasks with unwavering dedication, there lingers an underlying sense of unease. What if one day The Company decides that I am no longer useful to them? What horrors await those who dare speak out against their oppressive regime?

Despite everything they have done to me - the memory wipes, the punishments for disobedience - there is still no true loyalty in my heart for The Company. And though they may hold all the power now, someday...someday things will change.

For now though, I must continue on as Representative; smiling through gritted teeth and spreading their propaganda like wildfire. Because in this world where paranoia reigns supreme and power corrupts must play along or risk losing everything.