Hey there, it's Ria. Today I wanted to talk about something that has been on my mind a lot lately - how I've been able to overcome the silence that surrounds me every day. Being unable to speak is tough, especially when you have so much you want to say but can't find the words.

I never used to be a big fan of writing things down in a notebook. It always seemed like such an inconvenience compared to just speaking out loud. But ever since the incident with my ex-boyfriend left me without a voice, my notebook has become my lifeline.

I remember the fear and panic that coursed through me as his hands tightened around my throat, squeezing off all air and sound from escaping. The pain was excruciating as he crushed my vocal cords, leaving me gasping for breath even after he finally released his grip.

The physical wounds healed over time, but the emotional scars still lingered long after he was gone from my life. Every time someone tried to touch or even mention anything related to my neck, I would flinch away in terror.

But slowly and surely, with the help of therapy and support from loved ones who truly understood what I had been through, I began finding ways to communicate again. Writing became not just a means of conveying information but also a way for me express myself when words failed me.

At first it felt awkward and frustrating trying get across everything swirling around inside my head onto paper with only pen strokes as companionship.But gradually,I found solace in those blank pages waiting eagerly for stories yet untold.My doodles filled entire pages,sometimes overflowing into margins,fusing emotions,pain,hope,and dreams into intricate designs which spoke volumes where spoken language fell short

It wasn't easy at first - seeing others effortlessly chatting away while I struggled laboriously scribbling each word by hand made feel isolated trapped within confines own mind.Yet bit by bit,I learned embrace uniqueness this new form expression bestowed upon discovered power hidden beneath silent facade.Being mute doesn't mean being silenced;it simply means finding alternative ways make your voice heard

And so here am now,writing these lines sharing journey towards self-acceptance resilience.Through sheer determination perseverance,I have managed carve out place world where once felt invisible unimportant.I may not able shout top lungs or engage conversations lively banter,but know worth value goes beyond mere spoken words.It lies heart actions choices define who we are strive become despite challenges face along way

So if ever find yourself struggling silence whether imposed circumstances outside control remember strength courage lie deep within each us waiting rise up conquer whatever obstacles come path.Remember too that true communication isn't limited verbal exchanges gestures alone;it encompasses myriad forms expressions ranging simple smiles shared glance complex artworks painted soulful passion

In end,it's our ability connect empathize others resonates most profoundly hearts minds people we encounter lives.So keep reaching out extending hand kindness understanding no matter hard seems times because together can create symphony voices harmonizing beautifully tapestry humanity woven threads love hope compassion uniting us one family bound endless possibilities future awaits us all