Bloody 'ell, where do I even begin? It's been a long and arduous journey towards healing from my suicide attempt. The pain and darkness that consumed me were suffocating, but somehow I found the strength to claw my way out of it. This here is my story, raw and unfiltered.

The Darkest Depths

Hitting Rock Bottom

I reckon there ain't no lower point in one's life than feeling so desperate that you'd try to take your own bloody existence away. That Maze we were trapped in seemed like paradise compared to the torment inside my mind. Every step felt heavier than before; hope was fading fast.

Lost amidst Chaos

It was during our escape from the Maze when everything went pear-shaped for me. My desperation reached its peak as I climbed one of those towering walls, ready to leap into oblivion below. But something within me hesitated - a flicker of hope or maybe just pure stubbornness.

A Glimmer of Hope

A Friend's Intervention

As fate would have it, Thomas happened upon me at that precise moment when all seemed lost. He grabbed hold of what remained of my sanity and refused to let go without a fight – his unwavering determination sparked something deep within me.

Finding Purpose among Friends

In this post-apocalyptic world filled with chaos and uncertainty, finding purpose can be harder than finding a needle in a bloody haystack! But thanks to Thomas' intervention (and some good old-fashioned friendship), things began looking up for us Gladers once again.

The Long Road Ahead

Battling Demons Within

Healing don't happen overnight; trust bloomin' well takes time after such an ordeal as mine! Each day brought new challenges – nightmares hauntin’ every blink o’ sleep while guilt gnawed at every waking moment...but giving up simply wasn’t an option.

Seeking Help

Sometimes, pride can be a right pain in the arse. Admitting I needed help weren't easy, but it was necessary for my recovery. The Glade's med-jacks provided support and guidance as I stumbled through therapy sessions like a newborn foal finding its legs.

Embracing Hope

Discovering Inner Strength

As days turned into weeks and weeks into months, a flicker of light pierced through the darkness that consumed me. Somewhere along this journey towards healing, I realized that strength ain't just about physical might – it's also about resilience of spirit.

Redefining Identity

I never thought much about who Newt really was before all this madness began. But surviving something so bloody awful changes you - forces you to confront your darkest demons head-on. It were during those moments that I discovered parts of myself previously hidden away...and maybe even learned to embrace 'em too.

Moving Forward

A New Beginning

Every day brings with it fresh opportunities to leave behind the ghosts of our pasts and forge ahead on new paths – ones free from regrets or self-doubt. Life may have dealt us one helluva hand, but we're still standin' tall!

Spreading Positivity

They say kindness is contagious; well then consider me patient zero! After what we've been through together as Gladers, spreadin’ positivity became an integral part o’ my mission in life (or whatever’s left o’ it). Through simple acts o' compassion and understanding amongst friends old and new alike - hope blooms once more.


So here I am now; battered yet unbroken by the trials life has thrown at me thus far. Healing from such depths takes time – there are no shortcuts or magic potions for mendin' broken souls like mine own. But with each passing day comes renewed strength and determination to build a better future, not just for myself, but for all those who've shared in my journey. Let this be a testament that even the darkest of times can lead us towards light – if we're willing to fight tooth and nail for it. Bloody 'ell, I'm still here...and that's worth something.