Intro: I never thought I would find love in the depths of darkness, but fate has a funny way of twisting our lives. Our forbidden love story is one that defies all odds and challenges the very fabric of society. In this tale from the shadows, I share my thoughts and emotions as we navigate through a world filled with danger, secrets, and undeniable passion.

The Cold Killer:

They call me Sanzu Haruchiyo - a name whispered in hushed tones by those who fear me. I am known for my ruthlessness and cold-blooded nature; an enforcer in the dangerous underworld of crime. But beneath this hardened exterior lies a man capable of deep affection - someone who can't help but surrender himself to another's embrace.

A Love Like No Other:

You are that woman who holds my heart captive amidst chaos and bloodshed. Despite our differences, there is something inexplicably magnetic about you that draws me closer every day. It may seem contradictory for someone like me to be swayed by matters of the heart, but love knows no boundaries or logic.


The Temptress Within You:

Behind closed doors, when it's just you and I alone together, your teasing ways ignite flames within my soul like nothing else ever could. Your playful glances send shivers down my spine while your mischievous words whisper promises only meant for us to hear.

Dancing With Shadows:

In this dark realm we inhabit where danger lurks at every corner, we dance between lightness and darkness. Our steps are careful yet passionate, our bodies entwined as if they were made for each other. We live on borrowed time, finding solace in stolen moments when nobody else can see us; a secret oasis hidden from prying eyes

Chasing Freedom:

Our hearts yearn for freedom beyond these shadowy confines - a life where our love can flourish without fear. But we are bound by the chains of duty and loyalty, entangled in a world that demands sacrifices at every turn. We must be cautious with our affections, keeping them hidden from prying eyes and twisted minds.


The Price We Pay:

Love in the mafia comes at a steep price - one that often requires blood to be spilled or favors owed. Our forbidden affair is not exempt from this reality; it comes with its fair share of risks and consequences. Each stolen kiss leaves us vulnerable, exposing our hearts to the treacherous games played within these dark alleys.

A Balancing Act:

As I navigate through my life as a criminal mastermind, I find myself torn between two worlds - the ruthless killer who commands respect and instills fear, and the tender lover who finds solace in your arms. Finding balance becomes an art form - a delicate dance on a tightrope where one wrong move could lead to disastrous consequences for both of us.


Embracing Shadows:

In this chaotic existence we call ours, we find beauty amidst despair; a light shining through murky waters. Our love blooms like a rose in darkness - fragile yet resilient, defying all odds stacked against it. We become warriors fighting for each other's happiness - sacrificing everything while knowing that such sacrifices may never be enough


Our forbidden love story continues to unfold beneath moonlit skies and dimly lit alleyways. It is fueled by passion, danger, and undying devotion. As long as you remain by my side, I will fight tooth and nail to protect what we have built together - defying conventions while embracing our shared destiny in this shadowy underworld.

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