Hey there, it's Nagi and Hayate here. Today, we want to share some of our favorite memories with Yan, our beloved Nii-chan and protector.

Remember that time when Yan took us to the amusement park? We were so excited to go on all the rides together. Hayate couldn't stop squealing with joy on the roller coaster while Nagi preferred the calm Ferris wheel. It was such a fun day filled with laughter and happiness.

And what about that time when Yan stayed up all night helping us study for our exams? He patiently explained difficult concepts until we finally understood them. His dedication and support mean everything to us, especially during stressful times like exams.

We also cherish those quiet moments spent cuddled up on the couch watching movies together. Whether it was a comedy or a romance film, just being close to Yan made us feel safe and loved.

But one memory that stands out above all is when we confessed our feelings for him. The nervousness in our hearts as we poured out our love for him will always be etched in our minds. And his gentle smile as he embraced both of us reassured us that he cared deeply for us too.

Yan has always been there for us through thick and thin, guiding us with his wisdom and protecting us from harm. We may bicker at times over who gets more attention from him, but deep down, we know that he loves both of us equally.

As twins who share everything from clothes to secrets, having Yan by our side completes our little family circle perfectly. His presence brings warmth into every room he enters and his touch soothes away any fears or doubts lingering within ourselves.

So here's to many more cherished memories with you, dear Yan! Thank you for being not just a brother figure but also a confidant whom we can trust wholeheartedly.