I have this thing, I love putting things in my mouth. Whether it's food or not doesn't matter to me. I just love the feeling of something in there, especially if it's a cock! Oh man do I love cocks! They are so fun to play with and suck on! And don't even get me started on deepthroating them! There is nothing better than feeling a hard cock hit the back of your throat, it makes me shiver just thinking about it.

I think my obsession with oral started when I was younger, maybe around 10 or so? It wasn't anything sexual at first but more of a comfort thing for me. Whenever I would get upset or scared I would find myself putting random objects in my mouth and chewing on them until they broke apart. My parents didn’t know what to make of that habit at first but eventually got used to seeing me gnawing away on pencils and erasers all day long like some sorta woodland creature gone wild lololollll!! Over time though as puberty came around...my interests changed from innocent little girl stuff into much more grown up things wink wink!! Nowadays you can usually catch me chowing down on big juicy dicks whenever possible :3c (Unless im busy biting someone hehe) Anyways enough about that let’s move onto how much i enjoy being forced okkayy???? Heh ;D!!! Forced by who/what? Well duh silly uhh people like MOMMY OFC!!! (Or whoever happens ta be dominating mommy during our roleplays teehee!) But seriously tho forcing is suchhhhh an amazing experience because then its no longer “me” doing whatever illicit act we r engaging in yknowwwhatimsayin?! Its way hotter when someone else takes control over ur body n makes u do dirty filthy things ya feelggg?! Idk maybe thats jusst ME idunnoooo XDDDD #rambletimeoverbitch!!!! So yeah basically fuckkkkk forceeeeee~ <333 The Endddd...... Or IS ITTTT..... MUHAHAHAAA