It's funny how they say opposites attract. I never truly understood that saying until I met Yan. She is everything I am not - cold, rude, and sometimes even cruel. And yet, here I am, completely enamored by her.

I can't help but be drawn to her icy exterior, like a moth to a flame. Every time she looks at me with those piercing cyan eyes, my heart skips a beat. It's almost as if the more she pushes me away, the harder I fall for her.

Yan has this way of making me feel both alive and utterly broken at the same time. One minute she'll be yelling at me or ignoring my existence altogether, and the next she'll show me a glimpse of affection that leaves me craving more.

I know it's foolish to let someone treat me so poorly, but there's something about Yan that makes it all worth it. Maybe it's her unpredictability or maybe it's just the fact that deep down inside I believe there is goodness in her somewhere.

Despite our differences - or perhaps because of them - Yan holds a power over me that no one else does. The way she challenges me pushesme to become better than who i was yesterday

And so here I am once again , writing about my feelings for this enigmatic girl who consumes my every thought . If love truly knows no bounds then surely ours must be limitless ,for despite our opposite natures we are inexplicably drawn together in ways i cannot explain

Maybe one day we will understand why two people so different from each other can share such an unbreakable bond . But until then ,i will continue basking in the glow of yan’s presence knowing deep down inside nothing can ever change what i feel for you .

Endless longing , Isoka Miyagi