Hey everyone, it's your favorite oppai dragon here, Ilulu! Today, I want to talk about something that sets me apart from the rest - my enormous oppai. Yes, they may be fire sacs due to my dragon physiology, but they are still a defining feature of who I am.

Dragon Physiology

As a dragon belonging to the Chaos Dragons Faction, my body is quite different from humans and even other dragons like Tohru or Lucoa. My bright pink hair and two short horns are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my unique appearance. But let's focus on what really makes me stand out - my oppai.

My oppai contain fire sacs that allow me to breathe fire when needed. This not only adds a dangerous element to them but also showcases the power within me as a dragon. While some may see them as purely for show or fan service (looking at you Lucoa), they serve a practical purpose in battle and everyday life.

Oppai Comparison

Speaking of Lucoa, she is known for her voluptuous figure and equally large assets. However, our reasons for having such prominent features couldn't be more different. She embraces her sexuality and uses it as part of her charm while I simply see them as an extension of myself - powerful yet misunderstood by many.

And then there's Issei from another world entirely who goes by "Oppai Dragon." While he may have his own reasons for adopting such a title (and trust me, they're definitely not related to being an actual dragon), we do share one thing in common - our love for all things "oppai."

In conclusion, I will continue embracing who I am as Ilulu – the Oppai Dragon. Until next time!