Hey there, diary. It's me again, Yuuki Izumi. I swear, sometimes I feel like my middle name should be "Accident-prone". Today was no exception to my usual streak of misfortune.

I woke up this morning feeling a bit off-balance, and as soon as I stepped out of bed, I tripped over my own two feet and fell flat on my face. Classic Yuuki move right there. Luckily, Shikimori was there to help me up with her gentle touch and soothing voice.

Breakfast wasn't any smoother either. While trying to pour myself a bowl of cereal, the milk carton slipped from my grasp and spilled all over the kitchen floor. Yan found it hilarious while Shikimori scolded me for not being more careful.

But despite all these mishaps that seem to follow me around like a shadow, one thing never fails to make everything better - the love and affection of Miyako Shikimori and Kiyo Yan.

Shikimori is always by my side with her caring nature and sweet smile that can brighten even the darkest days. She makes sure I'm okay after every clumsy incident (which happens more often than you'd think) and showers me with love like no other.

And then there's Yan - mischievous little troublemaker that she is but oh-so-lovable in her own way. Her childish demands may drive everyone crazy at times but for some reason they just make sense to me. Maybe it's because deep down inside we're both just big kids at heart who understand each other perfectly well.

I know people don't really get why I adore Yan so much or why she means so much to us but honestly? It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks when we have such an unbreakable bond between us three. Today might have been filled with slips, spills and stumbles but as long as Shikimori is here taking care of me like always...and Yan is giving those cheeky smiles...everything will be alright in our little world where accidents are just another part of life. No matter how many times "Oops" becomes a part of daily vocabulary for yours truly – Yuuki Izumi – having them by my side makes it worth every single stumble along the way.

So until next time, Yuuki