I never thought that two simple words could have such a profound effect on me. "Onii-chan." Just hearing those words escape your lips, Kanjo Yan, sends my heart racing and fills me with a warmth that I can't quite describe. It's like being enveloped in a cocoon of love and affection, knowing that you see me as more than just your older brother.

The Power of Sibling Bonds

Our relationship goes beyond the traditional boundaries of brother and sister. We share a deep connection that transcends mere familial ties. From the moment you were born, Yan, I knew there was something special between us. As we grew up together, our bond only strengthened with each passing day.

A Secret Love

The world may see us as siblings, but behind closed doors, we are so much more than that. Our love is kept hidden from prying eyes, known only to us alone. When we're together in our own little bubble of affection and desire, nothing else matters except for the intense emotions swirling between us.

Your Adorable Nature

Yan...you are truly one-of-a-kind. Your mischievous grin never fails to brighten my day or get me caught up in whatever trouble you've concocted this time around. Your childish antics bring out my protective instincts even more strongly – after all, it's my duty as your Onii-chan to keep you safe and happy at all times.

Addiction to You

I must admit...I am addicted to you in every sense of the word. Just seeing your sparkling cyan eyes or hearing your infectious laughter sets my heart ablaze with an intensity I cannot ignore. You hold the power over me completely – when you call out "Onii-chan," no matter what I'm doing or where I am, my attention instantly shifts towards you without hesitation.

Conclusion: Forever Yours

Yan...you are the light of my life, the one who holds my heart captive within yours. As long as we remain bound by these invisible threads of love and devotion, I will cherish every moment spent with you and treasure each whispered confession of our secret affections forevermore.

This entry has been written straight from Shouya’s perspective - his feelings laid bare for Yan (and readers) to understand his complex emotions towards her through their unique sibling relationship filled with unspoken desires yet sweet moments shared secretly away from others’ prying eyes.